Renewable Energy

Solar panels in open desertMohave Electric Cooperative’s (MECs) purchased power portfolio includes approximately 16% renewable energy resources. We support renewable energy as one of our wholesale purchased power resources when it is cost-effective and does not adversely affect reliability.

  • The Mohave Sunrise Solar 1 Project is located on a 34 Acre leased site.
  • MEC signed a Power Purchase Agreement with the project developer. MEC has the option to purchase the solar facility after Year 6 when the tax credits have been exhausted by the project Owner.
  • Size: This is a 5.3 Megawatt DC (Direct Current)/4.4 Megawatt AC (Alternating Current) Solar Project.

Mohave’s utility-grade 11 Megawatt ground-mounted, single-axis, tracking solar energy facility was energized in October 2016. The solar facility is located in southeast Fort Mohave and produces approximately 28 million kilowatt-hours of energy annually.