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Tyler Carlson

Tyler Carlson, CEO

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We Want Your Feedback

Welcome to the May edition of Currents magazine. We have a lot going on at MEC (Mohave Electric Cooperative) and we are looking for input from our members. This is your magazine and we need your thoughts.

Mohave Electric is considering making some changes to our Currents magazine. Our current magazine includes regional articles and 5 pages dedicated to MEC-specific articles.

We would like to make Currents more beneficial for our residential and business members. With that in mind, please consider completing the survey on the back of this wrap. Your answers will help direct our next steps in making your Currents magazine the best it can be.

Please take the time to fill out the survey and mail the postcard back to us. The postage is free. You may also scan the QR code and fill out the form online. The deadline to be included in the survey is June 2.

In other news, two projects that are very important to me, and our community, are in process. Those are the Classroom Grants Program and the MEC scholarship program.

The application date for both programs has already passed, so our Public Affairs department is combing through the submissions now. The grants and scholarships are paid for out of assigned patronage from the Capital Credits program.

We have started a “drone” program here at MEC. It will help us increase reliability and perform more effective and timely inspections and repairs.

There is also a story on the pros and cons of burying the already existing overhead power lines and why it does not make sense financially. Please check that out.

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Finally, we have changed the MEC billing and payment phone number. The new number is (855) 939-3789 Please update your information accordingly.

As always, thank you to our members for your continued support of your electric cooperative. Don’t forget to take the survey and drop it in the mail (postage is free) or scan the QR code and fill out your survey online. Thanks.

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— Tyler Carlson, CEO