Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Where will TWN's fiber services be offered?

ALL MEC members will be able to subscribe to at least a 25×25 Mbps connection when the project is complete.

How do I pre-register for TWN's fiber broadband services?

You can pre-register for service at our Fiber/Broadband page. Once service becomes available in your area, we will notify you to complete the sign-up process. Pre-registration is not a commitment or contract but is important to the project construction by helping to expedite your installation if you decide to subscribe and also helps MEC and TWN identify the areas of member interest for broadband deployment.

I have more than one location that needs internet services. Do I need to pre-register them individually?

Yes, each address/location will need to be pre-registered individually.

How long before fiber internet becomes available in my area?

The best way to receive updates is to pre-register at our Fiber/Broadband page. Construction of the fiber network began in December 2020 and TWN has service available to MEC members in some areas now. Construction will continue in phases with a goal of reaching all MEC members during our planned 5 year build out.

Is this offered to homes and businesses?

Yes, TWN’s fiber services will be available to both homes and TWN offers enhanced solutions for businesses.

What are some of TWN's enhanced business solutions?

From virtual-PBX capability to simple Internet connectivity to network security services, including firewall and layer-3 virtual private networking (IP-VPN) small and medium scale commercial entities can enjoy high-quality interconnection for most distance-learning, telecommuter, social-networking, and internet-presence needs. In addition to these services, TWN provides a robust suite of advanced layer-2 private networking options. These services come with guaranteed performance, protocol-based isolation of information flows and engineered redundancy at speeds to 100Gb/s, to provide even the largest enterprise with state-of-the-art private networks. For more information, please contact us by email or by calling (928) 763-1100, and pressing option 0. Mike William’s TWN’s local Enterprise Business Sales Representative by calling (928) 444-8722, emailing Mike Williams, or visit 2020 Silver Creek Road #113D.

What is fiber optic?

Fiber optic is a type of broadband connection consisting of or using thin flexible fibers with a glass core using light signals that can be sent with very little loss of strength.

How does fiber optic differ from cable and DSL internet?

Fiber optic uses glass core jacketed cables to transmit data using light signals to transmit an internet signal. Cable and DSL use copper cables to transmit data using an electrical internet signal. Fiber is the industry gold standard, and is a more effective method to transmit larger amounts of data when compared to the older methods such as cable and DSL.

What does Wi-Fi mean?

Wi-Fi refers to a hotspot or an area that you can use to connect to the internet wirelessly. You can set up a Wi-Fi hotspot at a specific location, like a park or an event. Or you can use a Wi-Fi router in your home to connect to your internet wirelessly.

What are the benefits, features, plan options, and cost of TWN’s fiber optic internet service?

There are many benefits for choosing TWN all fiber internet. For details about the service click on “WHY CHOOSE TWN FIBER INTERNET”.

Does TWN fiber internet have a wireless option?

TWN’s fiber connection will bring service to your home using a fiber-optic, cable-like cord, which will connect to a communications device installed inside of your home or business. A wireless router will be provided at the time of installation.

Who is TWN?

TransWorld Network, Corp. or TWN Communications, has been a trusted partner of Mohave Electric Cooperative since 2010. TWN has been in the telecom industry for over 30 years with a mission to bring communication services to rural and underserved markets.

What is Mohave Electric’s relationship with this company?

MEC has worked with TWN since 2010 to provide fixed wireless internet service to many parts of MEC’s service territory. TWN is now offering a 100% fiber solution that will offer fast, reliable fiber services to MEC’s members.

If Mohave Electric is involved, will it affect my electric rates?

No. This is a standalone service, and it will not affect your electric rates.

Is fiber the best option available for online gaming?

Fiber based service is the best, but not the only option for gaming. Fiber will provide a state of the art, fast connection with no interruption.

If I switch from my current internet provider, what assurances do I have my rates won’t skyrocket soon after?

TWN has never utilized a “bait and switch” pricing tactic and will not do that in the future.The base price for services will remain the same, with negligible changes in tax or regulatory charges as they may occur.

Is the information collected in pre-registration shared with others?

No, the information collected will not be shared outside of Mohave Electric Cooperative or TWN. The information will be used to send project updates and help determine what locations have the highest interest.

Who can I talk to about the features and options of this service?

You may contact us by email or by calling (928) 763-1100, and pressing option 0. Or visit 2020 Silver Creek Road #113D.

How will I know when service is available at my home or business?

TWN will mail postcards, send emails and call those who have pre-registered. Click here to pre-register

Who maintains the broadband services after installation?

TWN Communications will maintain the network, provide technical support, customer care and invoicing.

Will I pay MEC for the internet service?

No. Internet services will be invoiced monthly by TWN Communications.

Will local jobs be created as a result of MEC’s and TWN’s build out?

Yes. TWN will hire local technicians to maintain the network and install-service at subscriber locations.

Will this service be available only to MEC members?

This service will be available to anyone who has access to the fiber network, which at this time the build is being focused on Mohave Electric’s members.