Outage Reporting 101

When Should a Member Call MEC and Report an Outage?

Do you ever wonder whether it’s necessary to report your power outage to Mohave Electric Cooperative (MEC)? The answer is a resounding “yes!” When your residence or business is out of power, we need to know as soon as you are aware of it.

Call Us Toll-free at 1 (844) MEC-COOP (844) 632-2667

Our automated outage-reporting system integrates member information with operations and system information making reporting easier for you and allowing us to speed up response and restoration time. In order for this to happen, your account information must be current. Click here to verify and update your account information.

When you call 1 (844) MEC-COOP (844) 632-2667 to report an outage you will hear a greeting “Welcome to Mohave Electric Cooperative’s outage management system.” You will be prompted to “press 1” to enter an outage. If the phone number you are calling from is recognized by MEC’s system, you will hear options to report the outage location. When using the outage hotline, please report any information that may help our crews pinpoint the trouble location. That could be an address where a tree is on the line or the location of a vehicle accident that involves a power pole.

If the phone number is not recognized, you will hear options to look up your account by account number. Your Mohave Electric account number can be found on your printed bill or by logging into your online account using SmartHub®. The best way to report an outage is by using the account number for the service location experiencing the outage. For more information, call our Member Service Office at (928) 763-1100.

Text “Outage” to 55050

That’s right! In a quest to enhance the ability to report power outages, Mohave Electric Cooperative (MEC) members can text an outage notification.

Once a cell number is on the account, members are ready to text “Outage” to 55050. The system will text an outage verification response to confirm the outage has been reported successfully,

MEC recommends that you sign up for notifications in the SmartHub application. Once complete, you will receive outage updates, including when power is restored, direct to your mobile phone.

How to Sign up for the Ability to Text in Outages

For members who have a cell phone listed on account:

  • If you already have a cell phone listed to your account, text “Outage” to 55050 from the cell phone listed on the account.

Members who want to text, but do not have a cell phone listed on an account, have three ways to get a cell phone listed:

  • Call the MEC Member Services Office at (928) 763-1100
    • Once Member Services has added a cell phone, a member’s number will be active in 24-48 hours. Once a cell number is active, a member can text “Outage” to 55050 to report their outage.
  • Stop by the Member Services Office at 928 Hancock Road, Bullhead City. Get directions to the office.
    • Once Member Services has added a cell phone, a member’s number will be active in 24-48 hours. Once a cell number is active, a member can text “Outage” to 55050 to report their outage.
  • Log into, or create, a SmartHub website account
    • Sign in/Create account on SmartHub or select the link on the front page of the MEC website
    • Once logged in, select Notifications
    • Select Manage Contacts
    • Select Add Phone Contact
    • Users will receive a verification code that must be entered before the number is activated
    • Following activation, it may take 24-48 hours before a member can text “Outage” to 55050 to report their outage

We are Here to Serve You.

As members of the Cooperative ourselves, our Board of Directors, management, and employees strive to provide you with the best possible service. If you have any questions about our services, or would like to update your contact information, please call us at (928) 763-1100.

To Opt-out text STOP to 55050. Message and Data Rates May Apply.