Trees and Powerline Safety

Keeping Members Safe and the Lights On

Lineman trimming a tree near a power pole.

Trees growing near power lines can be a safety hazard and are a leading cause of power outages. Strong winds and storms can topple trees or shatter branches that pull down power lines and cause outages.

The tree-free zone, referred to as the “Circle of Safety,” is a 15 foot radius around a power pole or conductor. It is the responsibility of the property owner to keep trees from growing near power lines, MEC equipment, easements and right-of-ways before they reach within 15 feet of the centerline, in compliance with MEC’s tree trimming policy.

If you have a tree that appears to be within the “Circle of Safety” or within 15 feet of any overhead/underground equipment such as ground transformers, call MEC to send someone out to evaluate the site.

Thank you for your help as we work together to keep a safe, reliable, and affordable supply of power flowing to your home or business.

To report trees you think are a problem, call (928) 763-4115 during regular business hours.

Safety Tree Trimming Tips

  • Make sure to always look up and down for nearby overhead/underground power lines or equipment before you cut down trees or trim branches. If a tree falls into a power line, contact MEC.
  • Treat all power lines as if they are energized. Never climb or attempt to handle a tree that has a limb caught in a power line. You may not see any visible evidence that the tree is “electrified” or dangerous.
  • Make sure to maintain required clearances between equipment and power lines.
  • If a fire starts from a fallen power line, notify the fire department and MEC. Stay away from the site of the electrical hazard. Make sure others stay clear of the line and treat it as if energized.
  • Do not use water on or near a fallen power line.