Payment Options – 8 Ways to Pay

 Billing and payments phone numbers change! MEC has 8 ways to pay your bill. 1. Phone (855) 939-3789 new!; 2. SmartHub App - Smart Phone; SmartHub App - Desktop Computer; 4. In-Person Payment - Member Service Office; 5. Outside Kiosk - Member Service Office; 6. Drop Box - Member Service Office; 7. Easy Pay Program; 8. Mail - PO Box 52091, Phoenix AZ 85072; Take control of your payments! MEC is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


Smarthub logo links to Smarthub loginThe SmartHub app can be accessed online or downloaded to your mobile phone or device. In SmartHub several payment options are available: Choose a one-time payment with a credit/debit card or with eCheck, plus you can store information for future and/or recurring automatic payments to make paying even easier.

With Mohave Smart Hub, you may also access your account information:

  • Billing detail
  • Payment history
  • Usage history
  • Update member information
  • Report outages and receive outage notifications

New users can sign up for secure personal account access. Returning users can log in with your email address and confidential password.

Mohave Easy Pay

Easy Pay is another option to make payments from your checking account with automatic bill payment through your bank. When you sign up for Easy Pay, payments are drafted from your bank account on the due date printed on your bill for the total amount shown. Your regular bank statement will reflect the transaction.

To sign up for Easy Pay, apply online below, or download the Easy Pay Application (PDF), complete and return with your bill payment or drop it at our Member Service Office at 928 Hancock Road, Bullhead City. Get directions to our office.

Members will continue to receive monthly statements through the mail even when paying by E-Bill. eCheck is a payment option that is deducted from your checking account electronically through our E-Bill system instead of using a debit or credit card. Simply choose the option to pay by “checking account.” Payment is automatically deducted from your checking account for the designated amount on the day you process payment. If you would like to pay from your checking account on an ongoing basis, Mohave Easy Pay may be a good option for you.

If you still want to participate in “From the Heart with River Fund”, simply sign up for “Round Up” by rounding to the next dollar and have it added to your bill payment automatically!

Sign Up for Easy Pay
No Computer? No Problem!

Use Our Member Resource Center — It’s easy to make a payment online at our Member Service Office at 928 Hancock Road, Bullhead City, AZ. Our Member Resource Center is a convenient way to make payments online with a debit or credit card using secured account access. First-time users will need their Mohave Electric account number to set up their account. Not computer savvy? Our Member Service Representatives are available to help you Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

Interactive Voice Response System — Make payments by phone with our Interactive Voice Response System 24 hours per day, 7 days a week with:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • eCheck

Call toll-free: (855) 939-3789

Budget Payment Plan

The Budget Payment Plan is offered to help customers budget electric service payments evenly over a 12-month billing cycle. Knowing what your monthly electric bill will be makes it easier to budget effectively. The Plan is available to all residential service customers who have a current account balance (no past-due amounts outstanding) and who have service at their current residence for the past 12 consecutive months.

Monthly payments under the Plan are calculated as follows: The total number of kilowatt-hours used over the last 12 months is divided by 12 to obtain an average monthly kWh usage. This figure is multiplied by the current kWh rate, to which is added the monthly member service charge, plus taxes, to get an average monthly cost figure. The customer is billed this set amount monthly for 11 months, beginning with the November billing cycle.

On the 12th month (October), the bill will reflect any underpayment or credit relative to actual usage. Mohave Electric keeps track of actual kWh usage. Members who underpaid actual usage costs will be required to pay the total amount due to bring their account balance to zero in order to remain enrolled in the Plan. Any credit balance will be applied to a member’s account. You may discontinue participation in the Budget Payment Plan at any time.

Members may remain on the Plan as long as the Cooperative receives monthly bill payments on or before the “Due Date” shown on the statement. Late payment will be grounds for cancellation of a member’s participation in the Budget Payment Plan.

Enrollment for the Budget Payment Plan is in October only. Members will receive a reminder card with their September billing. If you have questions regarding the Plan, call our Billing Department at (928) 763-1100.

Budget Payment Plan Application

House with plug - Mohave Prepay - Pay as you go electricityMohave Prepay

  • Eliminate deposits and monthly bills
  • Customize a payment schedule
  • Buy electricity at your convenience
  • Monitor your consumption

Mohave Prepay is an optional pay-as-you-go plan under an Arizona Corporation Commission approved tariff that allows qualified Residential and small commercial members to prepay for electricity when you want and in the amounts you want. Instead of paying a monthly bill for electric service provided, usage is calculated daily and payments made in advance. Mohave Prepay members never pay a late charge, disconnect fee, or reconnect fee so long as their prepay account is not closed. New Prepay customers pay the standard $5 membership fee (if not previously paid), a $40 establishment fee, and establish a prepaid account balance of at least $40.

Is Mohave Prepay the right choice for me?

If it’s easier to start electric service without posting a deposit and to make smaller more frequent payments rather than one larger payment each month, Mohave Prepay may be for you. Purchasing power is quick and easy, even on weekends and holidays through Mohave’s automated phone and internet remote bill pay service.

Mohave Prepay is only available to qualified Mohave residential customers and small commercial members. It is not available if you are enrolled in Budget Billing, Time of Use, Net Metering, have 3-phase service, or have a Critical Account (dependent on electric service for health reasons). As a Prepay Customer you must be able to physically reach your meter to press a reconnect button, receive and understand messages regarding your balance, and to timely make pre-payments by phone, internet, or at Mohave’s office. This service is not intended for members with physical infirmities, that are housebound, or that cannot readily receive messages and make payments over the phone or internet.

What if my Mohave Prepay account runs low?

You will receive a low balance notice by voice-mail, e-mail, or text message once your balance reaches a pre-determined level ($25, $35, or $50 depending on the season). This will give you time to purchase more power before the meter stops. If you do not purchase more power, the meter will stop and the power will turn off during Mohave’s normal business hours (Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding Mohave recognized holidays). However, your power will be re-energized within 2 to 24 hours once a payment is made bringing your prepaid balance to $20 or more. For the safety of you and your property, you must then press a reset button at your meter to restore electric service to your residence.

How do I check my account balance or make a payment?
  • By phone: (877) 371-9379 (select Option #1) – any time or day
  • Online any time of day
  • At our Office: 928 Hancock Road, Bullhead City, AZ — Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, except Mohave recognized holidays

Go Green with Paperless Billing

Members now have the option to “Go Green” with paperless billing and have their electric bill sent via email to avoid a paper pile. Just as before, features remain the same when viewed on your computer or mobile device using the SmartHub app. Bills can also be paid in person during business hours at MEC’s member service office on Hancock Road in Bullhead City.

To sign up for paperless billing, log in to your SmartHub account and you will be prompted to a paperless option for billing. Your e-bill will be formatted just as your paper bill was with current information, detailed billing data and updates. Selecting the paperless option will not opt you out of receiving Currents magazine. That subscription will continue to be physically mailed to you every other month, just as before.

Members can enroll in paperless billing without using SmartHub. Call or visit our member service office at 928-763-1100 or visit us at 928 Hancock Road in Bullhead City. One of our member service representatives can sign you up.

24-Hour Kiosk

Members now have another way to pay their bill. MEC installed an outdoor kiosk available to members 24 hours a day. This will give members who work or are unavailable during our normal business hours the flexibility to pay their bills at a time that works best for them. The kiosk is on the east side of the member service office. The kiosk accepts three types of payments: cash, card and check. When paying with cash, remember the kiosk will not give you change. If your bill is $19.95 and you pay with a $20 bill, 5 cents will be credited to your account. Paying with card and check will be processed just like making a payment with a member service representative inside the building.

Tell Us if You Want to Sign Up

If you are interested in signing up for Mohave Prepay, let us know. Go to our Contact Us page, select Member Services from the drop-down menu, then simply send us an email with your name and account number.

The terms and conditions of Mohave Prepay may change at any time as approved by Mohave and the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Member Service representatives are available Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to help you at (928) 763-1100.