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MEC members saved over $2,000,000.00 with their Co-op Connections Cards!

Mohave Co-op Connections Card with images of different people.Mohave Electric Cooperative (MEC) launched Touchstone Energy’s Co-op Connections Program to our members in January 2011. Since that time, members have saved over two million dollars in prescription discounts alone.

Mohave’s Chief Executive Officer Tyler Carlson said, “This is a huge milestone of savings for our members, and MEC is proud to be able to provide a program that keeps money in our member’s pocket.”

The card is also good for discounts at multiple local businesses as well as businesses in other cooperatives across the country with more being added all the time. Discounts are available on products and services including air conditioning services, restaurants, health and wellness facilities, automobile purchasing and servicing, banking, dog training, pet sitting, and more.

The Healthy Savings Benefits offers discounts on dental, vision, hearing, chiropractic, lab, and Imaging services.

  • 20% to 40% off Dental Services
  • 20% to 60% savings on Coast to Coast Vision
  • 10% to 60% off Lab & Imaging services
  • 30% to 50% savings on Chiropractic services
  • 35% discount off Hearing Aid prices
  • 10-85% on prescriptions

The card is free to all Mohave members, doesn’t expire, and there are no charges or annual fees. Any member of the family can use the card.

For details call (928) 763-1100, or discover all the ways you can save at the Touchstone Energy Cooperative Connections website.

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Co-op Connections Testimonials

Mohave member Cathy Fulwiler saved $400 at MattressLand & Furniture, “I was so excited I went back and I looked at additional businesses that honored it and I tend to honor those businesses as well,” she said.

Mohave member Steven Brown decided to stop by Donn Williams Jeweler rather than driving to Henderson to purchase a special birthday gift for his wife. After making his selection, he noticed the Co-op Connections sticker on the window. When he was in the process of paying for it, he asked the owner what the discount was with his card, “I was very pleased to find that by being a part of the Co-op Connections program, the store was giving me 20% off. It pays to shop local and to look for that sticker,” Brown said.

Mohave member Ann Eichhorn said about the program, “When I received the card I thought ‘another nothing’. Boy, how wrong I was! The savings I received on my prescription purchases were more than I ever imagined. I have lived here since 1990 and have first-hand seen the advantages of the co-op. My personal ‘thank you’!”

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