Disconnection of Service Forecast

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) has approved the following guidelines for residential disconnections for non-payment. It is important to Mohave Electric Cooperative (MEC) that members understand these guidelines and how it may affect those on different payment plans. Disconnections will be based on the forecasted temperature levels as set by the National Weather Service for Bullhead City and Kingman.

Risk Levels Little to None Minor Moderate Major Extreme

When high and low temperature alerts of “Major” or “Extreme” are received, there will be no disconnection of existing services. If a member’s residential service was already disconnected prior to the weather alert, it will not be restored.

MEC disconnections will take place Monday through Thursday during normal business hours, excluding weekends and MEC recognized holidays. MEC will not perform disconnections on Fridays in order to allow three full days for members to make a payment on their account.

Members are encouraged to contact MEC if they are having difficulty making payments on their account during extended periods of heat. MEC can work with a member on a payment plan to keep them in good standing until the heat subsides and usage decreases, as well as provide information about low-income assistance as found in our Helping You Save page.

Weekly Forecast

Thu 9/21 Fri 9/22 Mon 9/25 Tue 9/26 Wed 9/27
Bullhead City Heat Heat Heat Heat Heat
Kingman Heat Heat Heat Heat Heat

Prepay Members

Residential locations that have exhausted their prepaid balance are subject to disconnection unless the forecasted temperatures are in the “Major” or “Extreme” range. Forecasted temperature ranges are evaluated daily and independently for Bullhead City & Kingman service areas.

Standard Pay Members

The guidelines state that any time during the year when the NWS office in Las Vegas forecasts “Major” or “Extreme” high and low temperatures in the MEC service area, power may not be disconnected. Forecasted temperature ranges are evaluated on a weekly basis and independently for Bullhead City & Kingman service areas.

Members maintaining a balance of less than $75 will not be disconnected. However, those owing more than $75 with a forecasted temperature warning of “Minor” or “Moderate” may be disconnected. Member deposits may be applied to past due balances in excess of $75. The member will have 10 days to contact MEC to make arrangements to restore the deposit on their account and will be offered a four-month installment plan to restore the deposit if needed. If a member has no deposit, the member must contact MEC within 10 days to make a payment arrangement on their delinquent balance and will be offered a four-month installment plan to pay and establish a deposit if needed.

A letter of Good credit from your previous electric provider is required for MEC to waive the deposit requirement, or sign up for Mohave Prepay to avoid paying a deposit.