Construction Updates

What is the construction plan for MEC's fiber network?

Construction of MEC’s fiber network began in December 2020. The goal is to bring fiber to every Mohave Electric meter, with construction in phases over approximately five years. The fiber-based network will improve reliability throughout MEC’s electrical system and provide opportunity to offer enhanced member services such as TWN’s internet service.

How will I know when you will be working in my area?

MEC will mail two letters. The first letter is mailed to the property owner, and the second letter is mailed to the MEC member. In some cases, this will be the same person/s.

Where will the wires be? Overhead or underground?

Generally, the wires for fiber will follow the path of your current MEC electric service.

Underground: If the MEC wires run underground, the fiber wires will run underground, as well. If you have private underground lines, we will need your help to locate these lines. Examples of these private underground lines are irrigation sprinklers, gas BBQ, landscape lighting, pool equipment, or other private underground systems. Please collect any information you may have for the location of these private underground lines.

Overhead/Aerial: If the wires for your MEC electric service are overhead, the crews will generally follow that same path. See illustration below:

Will TWN be digging up my property to install the fiber?

In some cases, yes if you have underground utilities, the new fiber cables will be underground as well. TWN will make every attempt to ensure these disturbances are minimal and as non-intrusive as possible.

What if I have multiple structures on my property? Do I have to have a cable attached to each structure?

No, you don’t need a fiber drop for each structure. We will plan for one drop per property, normally on the main structure like a home or business, unless otherwise requested.

What equipment will be installed at my home or business for MEC’s fiber network? For TWN internet service?

In order to bring MEC’s fiber to each meter, there may be a small junction box, or NID attached near the meter location.

For members who choose to subscribe to TWN’s broadband services, TWN will install a modem (ONT) and wifi router inside the home or business.

Is there an installation charge for TWN internet service?

MEC members pay no installation fee for standard business/residential internet installations.

Is there an equipment charge?

There are no equipment rental fees with TWN internet service.

Where do I find information about TWN’s internet plans and rates?

Residential and business plans will be offered as service becomes available. See “Why Choose TWN Internet” for more information.

Who can I talk to about the MEC/TWN fiber network construction?

For questions about the fiber network construction, please call (928) 763-4115, and press option 1, then press 5 for MEC’s call center during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Who can I talk to about TWN internet service?

You can call 888-227-2095, or visit TWN’s Local storefront at 2020 Silver Creek Road #113D