Currents Advertising

July 2023 Currents Magazine cover pageMohave Electric Cooperative is offering advertisement opportunities for MEC Business Members in our January 2024 Currents magazine.

Our magazine will have relevant local content, pages for local business advertising, and will be distributed once a quarter to our 36,700 resident and business members who will see and read about your business.

As a Business Member in MEC’s service area, if you purchase an annual advertising package, of the same size ad, you’ll earn great savings and receive one of your four ads free.

And if you’re a Co-op Connections Member, it has benefits too. Our Mohave Electric Co-op Connections members will receive a 1/4-page ad for free. For example, an MEC Business Member could have two ads in the same magazine, both for free.

Advertising will be on a first come, first served basis. We plan to have our first Currents magazine distributed January 2024.

Advertising cutoff date for our January 2024 Currents magazine will be Friday, October 27, 2023.

Mohave Electric Cooperative Currents Advertising Policy

Mohave Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a locally-based not-for-profit distribution cooperative serving 36,700 members in rural Arizona spanning from Bullhead City to Topock on the west, Hualapai to Burro Creek to the south, and Nelson to the east. Our readers are primarily local, small town, residents who are interested in their community. Our Currents magazine will be distributed quarterly to our members.

Advertisements that feature products that are competitive with our offerings will not be accepted. Ads that are considered poor taste or unsuitable for a family magazine will not be accepted for this publication.

Final acceptance or rejection of any advertisement will be determined by the Public Affairs staff of Mohave Electric Cooperative. Advertising will be on a first come, first served basis and ad positioning will be at the discretion of MEC staff.

Person holding a Coop Connections card

  • 1/4 page color ad – $200
  • 1/2 page horizontal color ad – $400
  • 1/2 page vertical color ad – $400
  • 1 page color ad – $700
  • Inside front cover color ad – $1,000
  • Inside back cover color ad – $1,000
  • Annual advertising package, of the same size ad, and receive, one of four ads, free

To sign-up and place an ad in our Currents magazine:

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Have questions regarding advertising in our Currents magazine? Contact Us via email or call (928) 763-4115.