SunWatts Renewable Energy and Rebate Program

Thinking about solar? We can help!

More than 1,200 members have already taken advantage of Arizona’s plentiful sunshine and Mohave Electric Cooperative (MEC) SunWatts Renewable Energy Incentive Program. Rebate funds are available for residential and small commercial members that install photovoltaic (solar), wind, or solar water heating systems at their home or business.

Incentives for residential and small commercial photovoltaic and wind systems are 5 cents per watt, up to a maximum system size of 50 kW. The incentive cap is $2,500 for residential and small commercial. Leased systems are not eligible for incentives. Additionally, members utilizing back up battery units with their renewable energy systems are eligible for a rebate for the battery too. For information on the battery rebate, click here.

“Members have the flexibility of selecting a solar installer to help them choose the size and type of system that fits their needs,” said Julia Garringer, Energy Management Specialist. “We recommend getting more than one estimate and also using the resources of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors website.

“It’s important to remember that in order to receive your SunWatts rebate you need to submit your reservation and application before the work begins. All of the forms are below, or call for an appointment and I will walk you through the process.”

For an appointment with Courtney Nixon, call (928) 763-1100.

MEC’s renewable energy plan, as approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), provides the funding for SunWatts rebates from the Renewable Energy Standard Tariff (REST), a surcharge on member bills mandated by the ACC.

SunWatts Renewable Energy Program Applications

To assist our members and their solar and wind energy contractors, we have developed a streamlined process for the 2023 SunWatts incentive application and interconnection of small renewable energy systems. Leased systems do not qualify for the incentive program.

Because solar and small wind systems can affect the safety and reliability of the distribution system, the technical interconnection rules are established to protect the safety of cooperative personnel and members, and maintain the integrity and reliability of Mohave’s system.

Derates are to be scheduled with the Mohave Electric Cooperative Call Center by calling (928) 763-1100. The initial application for solar must be approved by the Energy Management department prior to scheduling derates of Main Panel Upgrades.

Main Panel Upgrade requests must be submitted by the member via service order with a member service representative.

Application Steps

Reservation Form: Pre-approval of SunWatts Renewable Energy Incentive Funds

The MEC member must submit to the Energy Management Department a completed reservation form with a copy of the proposed work and cost estimate from the contractor signed by both the member and the contractor.

Mohave Electric will review the reservation form and will certify whether or not incentive funds are available for this application. If funds are not currently available, you will be placed on a waitlist until there are sufficient monies to fund the request. You will be advised if the project is approved to move ahead to Step 1, or is placed on a waitlist.

Step 1: Enrollment Form — Uniform Credit Purchase Program Application

The incentive application will be reviewed, and once approved, you will be notified to proceed with Step 2.

Step 2: Interconnect Agreement, Interconnect Disclaimer, and Distributed Generation Service Application

Step 2: (part 1) SunWatts Interconnect Agreement 

  • The completed Interconnect Agreement, including any line drawings and job-specific needs, must be submitted for review by Mohave Electric’s Engineering Department. After the Engineering Department accepts the Interconnect Agreement, you and the contractor will be notified that you may proceed with the project.
  • (For projects located within Bullhead City limits, Mohave Electric will issue the Acknowledgement Letter as required by Bullhead City for a Building Permit.)

Step 2: (part two) Interconnect Disclaimer

  • By completing this form the Member acknowledges that MEC must comply with any future changes to the Distributed Generation rules, interconnection standards, electric rates, and fees as directed by the ACC. You will be subject to any changes, and responsible for paying any future increases to electricity rates, basic charges or service fees from MEC.

Distributed Generation Service (DGS) Application

  • Mohave’s Distributed Generation Service program is available, but not required, for members who own qualified renewable energy systems. Please see the Distributed Generation Service Application and ACC-approved Distributed Generation Service Tariff for terms and conditions of the program.
Step 3: System Qualifications-Contractor Certification

Submittal of System Qualifications – Contractor Certification Form (complete this form AFTER system installation)

This form must be submitted after all of the requirements on the form have been met. The licensed contractor installing the system is required to initial compliance with these nine items upon completion of the system installation. Failure to meet these requirements could result in denial of the incentive and void the interconnect agreement.

Step 4: Submittal of Final Forms

After the system has been installed and passed all building inspections, the Mohave member will be required to submit the following paperwork to finalize the incentive application procedure:

  • Copy of the final bill or invoice from the Contractor
  • Copy of the Building Permit
  • Copy of the final Building Inspection
  • W-9 Tax Form (PDF)

The forms in Steps 3 and 4 can be submitted at the same time.

When all four steps are completed, Mohave Electric will verify the system at the member’s location. After the system is verified, the SunWatts incentive will be processed.

The system must be turned on after it passes county or city inspection as Mohave Electric cannot complete our final inspection and issue permission to operate letters until said inspection is completed.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please feel free to contact the Energy Management Department of MEC at (928) 758-0539 or email.

Information on Leased Renewable Energy Systems

This information is provided for members and installers who intend to install a leased renewable energy system through the MEC SunWatts Renewable Energy Incentive Program. Leased systems are not eligible for rebate or incentive, under the terms and conditions of MEC’s SunWatts Renewable Energy Incentive Program approved by the ACC.

The steps for the program for leased systems are as follows:

  1. Submit Step 1 “Enrollment Form Leased”.
  2. After MEC approval of the Enrollment Form, submit the “Interconnect Form”, Interconnect Disclaimer”, and the “Distributed Generation Service (DGS) Application” in Step 2.
    1. Note that the DGS Application is optional.
  3. After MEC approval of the Interconnect forms, proceed with the system installation.
  4. Install signage according to the MEC Solar Signage Guidelines (PDF).
  5. After installation and signage are completed, submit “Step 3 – System Qualifications (Contractor Certification) and “Step 4 – Final forms”.
  6. Contact MEC’s Energy Management Department to schedule the MEC system verification visit at the system installation site.
  7. After the system verification site visit and MEC approval, the system may be placed into service and operated.

For additional information, contact the MEC Energy Management Specialist at (928) 763-1100.

Sunwatts Renewable Energy Program Forms

Fill out the forms below either online, or print out the application found at the top of each page and mail back to us.