Mini-Split Rebate

With the increased popularity of ductless mini-split units, MEC offers a rebate for the installation of High Efficiency Mini-Splits.

These units are efficient, by design, as they can be used to cool/heat zones of a structure without traditional ductwork, eliminating the potential for duct leakage. Rebates for this High Efficiency Mini-Split Program will vary in amounts from $150 to $500 for the most efficient units.

For cooling only Mini-Splits, use the Air Conditioning Mini-Split rebate form. The Heat Pump Mini-Split rebate form should be used for Mini-Splits with heating and cooling capabilities. For any rebate amount over $600, members will be required to submit a W-9.

The Mini-Split rebate schedule is:

  • 15 SEER Mini-Split — $150 Rebate
  • 16 SEER Mini-Split — $300 Rebate
  • 17 SEER Mini-Split — $400 Rebate
  • Greater Than 17 SEER Mini-Split — $500 Rebate
Heat Pump Mini-Split Rebate Request Form Air Conditioning Mini-Split Rebate Request Form W9 Tax Form

Rebate applications must be submitted within 365 days of unit installation.