Commercial Lighting Rebate

Mohave Electric Cooperative offers an LED conversion rebate to member businesses.

How it works:

  • A business converts as much or as little of its high-energy lighting source to energy-efficient bulbs, such as LED.
  • Business receives a rebate of 10 cents per avoided watt.
  • The maximum rebate is $5,000.
  • It all starts by filling out an application.

Why the offer?

  • Lighting is among the leading power consumers.
  • By reducing the load on a building, demand on the system is decreased.

Who benefits?

  • Every member in the MEC service area.
  • The business benefits by reducing their energy demand.
  • Every step at load reduction by business means a reduced demand for the utility. This helps improve reliability and pricing.
  • Less demand means MEC can better control pricing for everyone.

Rebate Forms


Ace Hardware in Fort Mohave was the first business to take advantage of the program, converting the entire store to LED lighting.

“The rebate was a strong incentive to do the project, but the savings with LED lighting is incentive in itself. We have seen a significant reduction in our utility bill.” — Michael Paul, President of the Fort Mohave, Bullhead City, and Kingman Ace Hardware stores.

“Only 10 percent of energy used with incandescent bulbs produces light; the other 90 percent produces heat. LED bulbs use about 75 percent less energy and may last up to 50 times longer.” — Steve Bouman, Energy Management Specialist, MEC

“It makes sense to convert from various types of lighting to LED. And, don’t forget about your business’ outdoor lighting, it may qualify you for additional savings.” — Rick Campos, Chief Operating Officer, MEC