Potential Scam Warning

Mohave Electric Cooperative (MEC) members need to be aware of a potential scam.

Members have been calling the MEC Member Services Office after receiving an automated call. The recorded message is: “This is the power company. If you don’t pay in 30 minutes we will disconnect” or a close variation.

This is not a message from MEC and may mention APS.

“The members calling in are taking the proper precaution,” said Rick Campos, Chief Operating Officer at MEC. “If in doubt, call. We do not want any of our members getting caught in such a scam.”

“Members reported there was no information provided about billing and didn’t ask for money, but there may be additional contact in the future.”

MEC will never ask for payment over the phone and does not disconnect after hours, on weekends, or MEC recognized holidays.

“Do not provide personal or bank information over the phone unless you are 100 percent sure you know who you’re talking to,” Campos said. “If you aren’t sure, hang up the phone and call the business in question.”

Members may also call (928) 763-1100 to verify their account status during normal business hours.