Paperless Billing

As Mohave Electric Cooperative enters the 75th year of serving our members strong, we are continuing to look for more ways to enhance our offerings. Go green with paperless billing with Mohave Electric Cooperative and have your electric bill sent directly to your email to avoid the paper pile.

Mohave Electric Cooperative Members now have an opportunity to go paper free! Just as before, your billing needs can be handled 100% through your computer or mobile device utilizing our Smart Hub program.

To sign up, simply log into your Smart Hub account, either on your mobile device or computer, and you will be directly prompted to a paperless option for billing. Your e-bill will be formatted just as your paper bill was with current information, detailed billing data, and updates just as before.

Selecting the paperless option will not opt you out of receiving our Currents Magazine! That subscription will continue to be mailed to you bimonthly just as before.

All members are open to enroll in a paperless billing option and do not have to use our Smart Hub application to sign up. If you do not utilize our Smart Hub application and want to go paperless, or have any questions about paperless billing before you commit to the option, feel free to call or visit our member services office by dialing 928-763-1100 or stopping by at 928 Hancock Rd. in Bullhead City.