Mehdi Azarmi Wins 2023 Distinguished Service Award

Mehdi Azarmi, right, receives the 2023 Arizona Electric Power Cooperative’s Distinguished Service Award from Mohave Electric Cooperative CEO Tyler Carlson. Photo by Allison Ellingson/MEC

On May 10, 2023, Mehdi Azarmi, a longtime resident in Mohave Electric Cooperative’s service area accepted the 2023 Arizona Electric Power Cooperative (AEPCO) Distinguished Service Award. AEPCO’s Distinguished Service Awards recognize the outstanding efforts of individuals who have encouraged, assisted, and provided significant services to AEPCO and its member cooperatives (MEC). AEPCO is MEC’s major power supplier. Since 1991, AEPCO and its members have recognized more than 80 cooperative supporters, from lawmakers and former employees or directors to community organizations and business leaders.

“MEC is very grateful for Mehdi’s support and service to the cooperative - and our sister cooperatives - and was pleased to nominate him for the AEPCO Distinguished Service Award,” stated MEC CEO Tyler Carlson. “His contributions to MEC and support of our initiatives, continue to reflect the care that he has for our communities.”

Mr. Azarmi has been a champion of the co-op since he arrived in the area. He continually, often without being asked, provides significant support to MEC and AEPCO on electric cooperative issues that are important to MEC members and our community.

“I am honored to receive this award,” said Azarmi. “As a long- time MEC member I appreciate all the cooperative does to make a difference for our community, and that has motivated me to help with important issues when I can over the years. I would also like to recognize MEC staff and field crews that, during the most severe storm we ever had with almost 34,000 members out of power in 110º, were able to restore power to all in a record number of days. Seeing the MEC field crews with their heavy gear working day and night in extreme temperature is nothing short of heroism.”

From his nomination: As a business owner, developer, and volunteer with Rotary and other service clubs, Mr. Azarmi is well respected and influential among communities in MEC’s service area. From letters of support and news releases to public testimony and video interviews, his advocacy for MEC, AEPCO, and co-op members on issues directed to our local, state, and federal elected officials is impactful and inspires others to act.

AEPCO is a not-for-profit electric cooperative providing power generation, transmission, and energy services to not- for-profit distribution cooperatives and public power and water utilities in Arizona, Nevada, California, and New Mexico. AEPCO and sister organization, Sierra Southwest Cooperative Services, operate together as Arizona G&T Cooperatives.