Hit and Run Causes Power Outage

BULLHEAD CITY – A motor vehicle crashed into a ground-mounted transformer located on Ash Ave. late Saturday afternoon, resulting in 27 Mohave Electric Cooperative members to be without power for just over one hour.

Power went out at 8:24 p.m. and was restored at 9:28 p.m. The outage affected members only on Ash Ave.

“Some power outages are out of our control due to mother nature,” said Bo Hellams, Supervisor of Public Affairs at MEC. “This outage is different because it was completely avoidable, and a hit and run situation. At this point, the person liable for the damage is taking advantage of all our members who bear the cost for the repair and also the inconvenience of those who were without power for an hour. If anyone knows any information about the incident on Saturday, we urge you to contact local authorities.”

MEC encourages members to report outages. Call the toll-free number (844) 632-2667.  The automated outage-reporting system makes reporting easy and improves response and restoration time. To take advantage of the benefits of this system, be sure MEC has a current phone number. Members can also text in an outage, by texting “outage” to 55050 from a phone number that is linked to their account. Outage restoration is very important to Mohave Electric Cooperative and every effort is made to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.