Bird Causes Power Outage

An outage took place today, 12/29/2020 at 12:08 PM that resulted in approximately 4,200 members without power for 41 minutes.

MEC crews were quick to assess the issue and react in a timely manner. The cause of this outage was a bird that made contact with electrical equipment causing the protective devices to open a circuit breaker in a Mohave Electric Substation. The outage affected members near the Miracle Mile area in Bullhead City West to the river.

“Not all outages are avoidable and at times the best our crews can do is be ready to respond for any issue that might arise. Today our crews worked fast to solve this outage issue that was a result of wildlife making contact with our electrical equipment” said Rick Campos, Chief Operating Officer of Mohave Electric Cooperative. MEC does its best to respond as quickly as possible no matter what caused the outage day and night.

Trees, branches, wildlife, and other objects are a common problem associated with power outages and can obstruct lines and interfere with service to members. Tips on reducing such hazards can be found on the MEC website

MEC encourages members to report outages. There are three different options when it comes to reporting an outage. Members can call the toll-free number (844) 632-2667 from a number attached to their account to report the outage, which will forward members to our automated outage-reporting system, or members can text in an outage by texting “outage” to 55050 from a phone number that is linked to their account.  Members can also use their SmartHub application to report an outage.

Outage restoration is very important to Mohave Electric Cooperative and every effort is made to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.