Operation RoundUp

Operation Round Up logoOperation Round Up® is a program for members who want to help other members and our community by donating to From the Heart with River Fund. When you sign up to participate, your electric bill is rounded up to the next whole dollar amount. The additional money (from 1 to 99 cents) is donated to From the Heart with River Fund.

Donations are forwarded to River Fund Inc., a local 501(c)(3) non-profit social service agency, that administers the funds to help local families in need with their utility payments.

Although the amount seems small for each participating customer, it’s an average of $6 extra per year (or about 50 cents a month); these pennies add up quickly. Collectively they will make a huge difference in our community. All funds stay local. It’s easy to sign up.

Simply call our Member Service office at (928) 763-1100.

This program is strictly voluntary and members may request to discontinue their contribution at any time.

Stretch your pennies…let them work for your neighbors and your community.