Weather Caused Outages


Sudden strong wind gusts and wet conditions in northwest Arizona have resulted in scattered outages throughout the Mohave Electric Cooperative service area. Over 1,500 members throughout our service area experienced power disruptions yesterday, the longest outage lasting just under three hours.

MEC crews were battling the elements to restore power to affected areas. According to the National Weather Service website, storms should subside today leading to more calm weather conditions throughout our service area.

“With stormy, wet weather conditions present, outages can occur,” said Rick Campos, Chief Operating Officer with MEC. “When working on a computer, it is prudent to save work often and, as evening approaches, be sure flashlights are working and easily accessible.”

Trees and branches are a common problem associated with wet, stormy conditions and can obstruct lines and interfere with service to members. Tips on reducing such hazards can be found on the MEC website

MEC encourages members to report outages. Call the toll-free number (844) 632-2667.  Members can also text in an outage, by texting “outage” to 55050 from a phone number that is linked to their account or log into Smart Hub and report an outage directly through the application. The automated outage-reporting system makes reporting easy and improves response and restoration time. To take advantage of the benefits of these systems, be sure MEC has a current phone number on file. Outage restoration is very important to Mohave Electric Cooperative and every effort is made to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.