The Talk Around Town With TWN

Contract crew Ervin Cable Construction LLC, hangs fiber across a large canyon. Photo by Bo Hellams

If you have not heard about Mohave Electric’s new fiber-optic communication system, we have exciting news for you.

Mohave Electric Cooperative (MEC) has been working hard to get the “fiber in the air,” as CEO Tyler Carlson says. Plans are in motion and fiber is already being laid in the ground and hung on the poles.

Mohave Electric’s fiber system will provide valuable communications for our electric facilities and is the gateway to TWN Communications’ superior broadband internet service.

Back in December, two contract crews, Western Line Builders and Four States Electric, finished up the “make-ready” work for Mohave Electric Cooperative’s side of the construction. This work included replacing short power poles with taller ones and correcting line clearance issues. The correct line spacing ensures a clearer connection and frequency for our communication services.

A contract crew from Enertech is installing small centralized communication buildings known as “hut” master system points throughout our service areas for the broadband service. The huts serve as a command location for communications within the fiber. This has been set in motion by our partner, TWN Communications. These huts are the start to supplying members the fiber-optic broadband internet service that is built around reliability and redundancy.

On December 1, Ervin Cable Construction started installing fiber on the poles and in the ground to our members.

This project is scheduled for a five-year build-out. However, MEC and TWN have started construction to the central Bullhead service area and are working quickly to install the system to provide internet service to members as soon as possible.

For the most up-to-date information, preregister on our website for TWN’s broadband service. Preregistration does not sign you up for service and is not a contract. It simply helps MEC see how many members are interested in receiving service and helps you, the member, receive construction updates and information about plans and services. Preregistration also allows us to determine what areas need to be built out next. Preregister on our Fiber/Broadband page.

If you registered to be a “Champion,” congratulations and thank you for being a part of this major build-out for all MEC members. We hope you continue to spread the word of fiber in our area and that your Champion kits and gear help spread the news.

One new step in our broadband offerings will be TWN-provided phone service right from the start of installation. Now you can have great internet and home phone service from the same provider to bundle and save. Keep your fingers crossed. We are working to provide local news and educational programming too. We will keep members updated.