The Line Workers of Mohave Electric Cooperative

Mohave Electric lineworkers are critical to the well-being of our power grid. They work year-round in all types of weather and all times of day. Tell them thank you next time you see them. Photo by Bo Hellams

April was National Line Worker appreciation month, and Mohave Electric is grateful for our staff!

A cooperative-based utility company is different in many ways from investor-owned utilities. One main difference: we are most proud of the employees that make up our cooperative team. Not only are Mohave Electric Cooperative (MEC) employees a part of the cooperative, because they work for the cooperative, but most of them are also members receiving electrical service from the cooperative.

Employees and field crews work around the clock to keep the lights on for our members. They are called into action whenever needed, and they are required to resolve critical issues with caution and ingenuity all while working within a timely manner to ensure members are not without electricity for too long.

“Our workers are critical to all essential businesses, providing electricity for hospitals, fire departments, schools, police departments, while also serving all our member businesses and homes. This past year during the pandemic, our workers have demonstrated how important their role is for our way of life.”

—CEO Tyler Carlson

lineworkers working on power polesWorking as a line worker is not your average day-in-day-out job that some might expect. Our crew members carry a family-based environment that takes care of each other, looks out for each other, and works together on each job as if they were a team executing to win a championship. On-call, each crew member has a responsibility to assist the overall success of the project. If one team member loses focus, the entire team may struggle or be faced with an unsafe work environment. Though, when they are all in-sync, safety, productivity, and resilience against the elements are achieved.

Line workers assist in keeping the lights on, and they also work to improve the energy grid within our service area. They are called into action when there is an outage, and they also work with our engineering department to build new lines to new businesses and residential areas. They understand the capacity of our system and learn the latest and greatest technology trends.

We are thankful for our MEC workers’ service, diligence, and dedication to members and the cooperative. We are proud of the reputation our workers carry and demonstrate while they are out in the field. If you know a lineman, thank them for their dedication and commitment to keeping the lights on, responding to outages, and working to grow your community for today and tomorrow.