MEC Residential Members Restored by Midnight

Bullhead city, AZ – At 2 p.m. on Thursday, September 8, 2022, only 38 residential members were without power, with all residential members’ power anticipated to be restored by midnight, September 8, 2022.

Sunday’s devastating storm left more than 36,000 residents (82% of members) without power for 20 hours or more. On Monday afternoon, 8,000 members were without power, 1,700 members (5% of members) were remaining on Tuesday, and now 93 residential and business members are without power thanks to the crews and support teams continuing to work each day and night to restore power to members.

If your neighbor has power and you do not, it is important that you report the outage by calling (844) 632-2667 or by texting “Outage” to 55050 with your phone number associated with your MEC account. Also, the SmartHub application, MEC website, and MEC outage map are re-powered and working properly.

To date, crews have restored a 230 kilo-volt transmission connection, re-energized substations, and made all the fastest repairs possible to allow switching and power restoration to a majority of members. The remaining repairs to restore power to residential and business members will be very labor-intensive and will take a long time to begin replacing poles, lines, transformer equipment., etc. Please be patient with crews as they continue to work around the clock to restore all members’ power.

Cooling Center Locations: Bullhead City Recreation Division Office at 2285 Trane Road, Bullhead City, AZ, and Mohave Valley Fire Department Station #81 at 1451 Willow Drive, Mohave Valley, AZ.