MEC Employees ‘Talk Shop’

Two-man team keeps co-op motor pool running smoothly

From left, MEC Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor Shawn Walker and Equipment Serviceman Brent Vinderslev with MEC’s beloved historic vehicle, Old Number One, in the auto shop. Photo by Bo Hellams

Most members are aware of our CEO, line crews, meter readers, member service team, and even the staff in our administrative office, but do you know we have a fully functioning auto shop?

Mohave Electric Cooperative (MEC) has 132 vehicles and equipment that require regular maintenance. They range from the booms on our line trucks, compressors, generators, heavy machinery, line trucks, trailers, and company pool vehicles.

One might think that with 132 items of equipment our auto shop would be staffed with a large team, each specializing in their own trade. In reality, the shop has two professional experts that maintain and solve almost 95% of all equipment repair needs.

Shawn Walker, vehicle maintenance supervisor, and Brent Vinderslev, equipment serviceman complete motor rebuilds, transmission installations, hydraulic system repairs, restoration, operate our computer numerical control metal cutting, welding, heavy equipment tire installation, fiberglass work,
and much more.

“We work on every vehicle and every piece of equipment,” says Shawn. “If you have a question, call us—we ‘auto’ know!”

These two men, both talented in their own traits, bring the required skill and knowledge so that MEC can continue to supply our members with the service they know and trust.

Through computer diagnostic software, these two technicians ensure each piece of equipment receives regularly scheduled maintenance to maximize the lifespan of each machine, thus saving all co-op members money by reducing operations costs.

Brent, served in the Army as a diesel mechanic prior to joining MEC and can resolve most diesel engine issues and modifications, as well as extensive welding experience. Shawn focuses on gasoline vehicle maintenance and specializes in air conditioning maintenance. Shawn brings years of experience from local auto shops, effectively works with others, and is an asset to MEC members.

Our auto shop crew, one that deserves a huge thank you from all, performs quality jobs on a tight schedule to keep our day-to-day operations in full swing. That is not a small task. After all, they are keeping vehicles updated and in working order for our staff. The auto shop also helps decorate the MEC float for community parades.

There is always more to a story than meets the eye, and our undercover auto shop team is steadily working behind the scenes. We are thankful for their hard work and dedication to the job.