Hualapai Outage Information

Hualapai Mountain Members!

We are concerned for our members experiencing the fire emergency and evacuations you are involved in at this time. We know there are many important factors on your mind right now and we want to remind you of some tools to help keep you updated on your electrical services.

Please remember to have an up-to-date, and active mobile phone number attached to your MEC account so that our informative calls reach you with news and updates. Also, please take advantage of our SmartHub application to receive updates and notifications through the application straight to your phone or mobile device. Once you download the application, set up the notifications you desire to have and receive updates without having to search for them. Our Member Service Representatives are here to help with your set up needs, contact them at 928-763-1100.

Follow Mohave Electric Cooperative on our social media accounts to gain updates as well. MEC is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you have any questions or are looking for updates, always look towards our website for outage information or call our outage hotline at 1-844-632-2667.

Power in certain locations have been restricted to assist fire protection personnel in keeping their working scene safe. There is potential for more members to lose power as needed throughout our Hualapai service territory and news releases will follow if it is determined that we need to restrict services.

The Red Cross has a shelter in place for evacuees at the Palo Christy Elementary School, 500 Maple Street.