Celebrating One Year of Fiber Construction

MEC’s broadband project is on track to serve all members

In December 2021, Mohave Electric Cooperative (MEC) celebrated the one-year anniversary of breaking ground for our 100%, fiber-optic network. The project will help improve our electrical facilities and provide an opportunity for our members to subscribe to fast, reliable broadband, a critical need for the communities we serve.

The fiber network, considered the industry’s gold standard, is designed and built with 99.999% reliability. MEC has partnered with TWN Communications to offer fiber internet, digital phone, and TV streaming services.

MEC CEO Tyler Carlson said, “Like you, I hear so-called promises from other companies about new, improved internet. But you can rest assured we are keeping our promise. After less than one year of construction we have fiber built to the first phase of the project and members connecting to TWN’s fiber internet service. TWN is expanding service availability to more locations every day, and we will reach all of you with future project phases. Believe me we are just as anxious as you are for that day.”

The first residential member connected to TWN broadband in June 2021, and the first business member, Mohave Shrine Club, connected to TWN’s broadband service in July.

On August 16, 2021 MEC was selected for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s prestigious Cooperative Purpose Award. The award recognizes an electric cooperative who works with their members to make outstanding contributions which result in visible, lasting improvements to the quality of life and the purpose of the cooperative in the community.

September 15, 2021 marked the opening of TWN’s local storefront in Bullhead City to provide in-person, direct care to members. At a time when other companies are closing local stores, TWN is investing in our community and committed to serving MEC members. For information about TWN’s services or to sign up for service, members can visit the TWN storefront at 2020 Silvercreek Rd. #113D, Bullhead City, AZ 86442 or call 888-227-2095.

After just one year, more than 2,500 residential and business members can now subscribe to TWN services. MEC and TWN continue to build our fiber-optic network with future project phases that will expand TWN service opportunities for members to all areas of MEC’s service territory as the future construction phases are completed.

In December 2020, Mohave Electric Cooperative broke ground on its fiber network in partnership with TWN Communications. More than 2,500 residential and business members can now subscribe. Photo by Julia Garringer