Arizona Corporation Commission

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is authorized under the Constitution of Arizona to regulate Public Service Corporations. Cooperatives such as Mohave Electric are Public Service Corporations subject to the Commission’s authority and regulation concerning rates and tariffs. The Commission’s authority over Mohave includes authority to set and to regulate the rates, tariffs, and charges, which must be imposed on customers. Pursuant to Commission directives and rules and regulations to promote and finance the use of solar, wind, geothermal, and other renewable resources and energy efficiency, cooperatives like Mohave are mandated and required to insert charges into the customer’s electric bill. The monies are used to promote energy efficiency, demand side management, and renewable resources such as solar and wind. Mohave acts to collect customer money from these charges to be invested consistent with the mandates and rules of the Commission. Therefore, the Commission, and not the cooperative, sets your final electric rate with the additional charges.