Phone Apps and Power – Let Us Keep You Connected!

Posted: November 1, 2020 at 7 a.m.

As we finish up our third run of Currents, we hope that our members are gaining a quality understanding of MEC programs and operations. Not only do we want you to enjoy this publication, but we also want to continue to inform you and grow your knowledge of what this cooperative has to offer. We have heard great feedback regarding our Currents publication, and we continue to welcome any questions, comments, or concerns our members may have regarding MEC.

We take member education quite seriously here at MEC and we know actions speak louder than words. MEC has grown our Public Affairs team by two positions including a Public Affairs Supervisor, Bo Hellams, and a Social Media Specialist, Tina Paden. These two positions will be critical in continuing the development of quality member information regarding events, outages, and fun facts about Mohave Electric Cooperative that help educate our members. If you have not done so already, please take the time to follow Mohave Electric Cooperative on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We have been working to grow our social media involvement and we would love for the community to join us as we continue to develop these platforms.

Our goal is to continue to develop our member communication outlets to make information easier to find. With Currents, Social Media, radio advertisements, and other print media services, we hope that all members can see how MEC is working to create a more enhanced member communication system.

In our last Currents, we touched base on the progress of our new website. The all-new Mohave Electric is truly starting to look wonderful! The website is going through final revisions with our Public Affairs team and will be live before the end of 2020. We are so excited to share this new, upgraded platform with our members and we hope you all find it as viewer-friendly as we do!

For this Currents volume, we focused our attention on understanding outages, our SmartHub application, and the ongoing efforts to improve reliability with the addition of the Longtin Substation. There is nothing more concerning than a loss of power and we at MEC understand that. With your help in reporting outages, MEC will be better informed to respond as quickly as possible to solve any power disruption. With the addition of the Longtin Substation, we have added additional redundancy if a major electrical emergency were to ever take place.

Please take advantage of our SmartHub app as an option to report an outage or simply explore the application to see how much power you are consuming. Mohave Electric is always working to improve and simplify services for our members and our application is just another additive to that effort.

The Public Affairs team and I are hard at work constructing a PowerPoint presentation with highlights from our annual report. We will be focusing on what we consider to be the most pertinent information of 2019 and 2020 and, once completed, this PowerPoint will be posted to our website for members to view.

As a reminder, next year is our 75th anniversary and Mohave Electric is designing a very special annual meeting with lots of gifts to make up for this past year. We hope to see you at the meeting next year and maybe you can even win the popular co-op cookbook offered in our last Currents Magazine!

All of us at MEC wish you a safe and happy holiday and we hope you enjoy the time with family and cherish the holiday spirit. Continue to look forward to Currents for helpful information regarding MEC and know that we are always continuing to better our communication platforms.