2024 Washington Youth Tour Entry Form

2024 Washington Youth Tour Entry Form

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  • Entry Rules

    1. You must be a high school junior whose parent(s) or guardian(s) are members of Mohave Electric Cooperative.

    2. Fill out this application form and obtain parental consent.

    3. Write a creative essay, 300-500 words, on one of the following topics:

    a. Explain what you think the biggest energy challenges will be for your generation and how you and your electric cooperative can help meet those challenges.

    b. Washington Youth Tour students have an opportunity to visit with their Congressman. As a member of an electric co-op, write an essay about the concerns and questions you would discuss with your Congressman. Explain why these are important issues to you.

    c. The Bill of Rights establishes the founding freedoms and principles of the United States. Write an essay on which Amendment is most important to you and why.

    4. Finalists are selected based on creative essays. Finalists move on to participate in an oral presentation competition. The presentation is based on an assigned energy or cooperative related question. Semi-finalists receive $25.

    5. The winners represent the members of Mohave Electric Cooperative and will join other Arizona delegates for a trip to Washington, D.C. The National Rural Youth Tour will be held the Summer of 2024. The group, including the Youth Tour Coordinator and adult chaperones, will leave from, and return to, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

  • Mohave Electric will award six trips. An alternate will also be selected.

    Semi-finalists will receive $25.

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