2022 Reflections

Posted: January 1, 2023 at 7 a.m.

From the staff, board members and management at Mohave Electric Cooperative (MEC), I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2023!

The past year has been a good one for MEC. Despite the economy, MEC has been able to keep your rates low and with a pending rate case, we look to drop the energy costs for most MEC members even more. That, while working on maintaining a high standard of reliability. We have been able to accomplish this with a progressive approach at purchasing power as well as diversifying our energy portfolio to include more renewable energy sources.

Mohave Electric crews unload new steel poles in preparation for installation as part of the pole hardening program. Photo by Rob Frederick/MEC

Reliability is a main focus for MEC, and nothing shows our commitment to reliability more than the way our staff reacted to the storm damage in September. But, to maintain that reliability we must continue to look to the future. That’s why we recently changed out a transformer in Mohave Valley.

We also recently completed another very successful “Operation Cool Shade”. You can read about that in this issue as well, but over the course of a few hours, our staff and volunteers helped pass out the record 2,100 shade trees that were purchased this year. These trees help shade homes and help keep money in your pockets by saving energy.

I, along with our board of directors, look forward to the upcoming year. We have several projects in the works including two solar/battery projects totaling over 32 megawatts and 60- MWH in storage for early in 2023. These projects again help diversify our energy portfolio, but also give MEC options in times of energy cost spikes.

Our pole hardening program also continues with key-positioned wooden poles being replaced with steel and concrete poles.

What’s Happening

  • January 2 – Office Closed for New Year’s Day
  • January 31 through February 3 – Making Accidents Disappear Electrical Magic Safety Show
  • February 20 – Office Closed for President’s Day
  • March 10 through 12 – Join MEC at Tri-State Home and Garden Show