2021 Annual Meeting

members walking in to the check in desk at the annual meetingMohave Electric Cooperative (MEC) celebrated 75 years at the annual meeting on September 16, 2021. The annual meeting moved to Anderson Auto Group Fieldhouse for the first time with great success. MEC members entered the building and made their way down to the fieldhouse floor after registering and receiving their free meals. Members in attendance received complimentary gift bags and were entered into a drawing for prizes such as power credits and gift cards. Prior to the start of the business portion of the meeting, members visited informational booths provided by AZG&T Cooperatives, TWN Communications, and Mohave Electric.

MEC CEO Tyler Carlson gave a presentation to members and guests describing both past stories of success and current achievements of Mohave Electric. The nine, member-elected Directors that comprise Mohave Electric Cooperative’s Board of Directors were in attendance along with CEO Collin Wood of TWN Communications, Grand Canyon State Electric Cooperative Association (GSECA) CEO Dave Lock, and Arizona Generation and Transmission Cooperatives (AZG&T) CEO Patrick Ledger.

members sitting in chairs listening to speaker at annual meeting“A cooperative is about people and the spirit of working together to accomplish a goal. MEC has come full circle from providing electricity to starting a fiber-optic network in our 75th anniversary year. Our story is putting members’ needs first and not only meeting the needs of today, but the future,” stated MEC CEO Tyler Carlson.

Carlson addressed the capacity scarcity that Texas faced last winter when 1000s of consumers in Texas had no power. He spoke about transmission policy changes in California affecting the energy market in the western states including Arizona.

Carlson also discussed the lowered Purchased Power Adjustor (PPA) which dropped from -1.25 cents to -2.25 cents per kWh, effectively putting more money back in the members’ pockets each billing cycle.

“As a not-for-profit utility, MEC makes every effort to save its members money by negotiating the most reliable, yet affordable power prices possible. While the changing power market does not always provide an opportunity to save money for our members, when we are able to secure power cost savings, we make sure to pass those on to our members,” says Carlson.

men in uniforms holding flagCarlson’s presentation included information about Capital Credits, MEC’s commitment to community, and programs that help members such as Weatherization and the River Fund.

MEC employees Rojeana Wymbs, Fiber/Broadband Member Liaison, and Jerry Hardy, Manager of Engineering and Operations, informed members about the progress that MEC and TWN are making to provide fiber to MEC’s service territory. Hardy emphasized the growing area where connections will be available to members for TWN’s fiber broadband service while Wymbs stressed the importance of pre-registering.

“There are already more than 100 members that have the option to sign up today and receive services from TWN, and through the end of 2022 you will continue to see a strong increase in the number of members ready for fiber connection,” stated Hardy.

Members in attendance at the 2021 MEC Annual Meeting voted to approve a proposed Bylaw amendment that will allow two members who cohabitate or own property together to be joint-members of MEC.

MEC also hosted three district gatherings through the week. Members in attendance recommended incumbents John B. Nelssen of District 1, Kevin Nestrick of District 2, and Michael Bartelt of District 3 be formally seated at the October Board of Directors meeting.