Rate Case Update

Posted: March 1, 2023 at 11:09 a.m.

In June 2022, I wrote to all members that Mohave Electric Cooperative (MEC) had submitted an expedited rate case change to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). Specifically, MEC requested to raise the Customer Charge while decreasing the energy rates.

The ACC staff recommended an approval of our rate case and the Commissioners approved the rates at their regular scheduled meeting on February 22.

I, on behalf of the Board of Directors, would like to thank you for supporting the need for a rate change, and thank you for realizing that for most of our members this will result in cost savings. A survey that we commissioned last year showed that over 90% of MEC members had a “favorable” opinion of MEC. There were a variety of reasons, but cost was one of the top reasons.

MEC requested a change to the Customer Charge to bring some of the fixed expenses, including system equipment, maintenance, and operations, out of the energy charges and into the Customer Charge where they belong. This resulted in the Customer Charge rising, while the energy charge dropped. Although we will be increasing the standard residential customer charge by $5.56, we will be concurrently decreasing energy rates as much as 10% per kilowatt hour (kwh).

We held four “Town Halls” to explain why this was necessary as well as how it would positively affect a majority of our members. We hoped the explanation would be enough to reassure members that MEC has their best interests at hand, and are good stewards of the member-owned utility.

The new rates will be reflected in members’ March 2023 billing cycles.

While MEC has been able to keep member rates low, over the past ten years we have also invested nearly $45 million in capital improvements and maintenance for load growth and reliability. An additional $2.9 million has been spent during that time on cyber security to protect members’ personal information.

Mohave Electric Cooperative’s tiered rates give residential members more control over their energy costs and reward members who use less electricity. Using energy wisely can lower monthly electric bills.

New Rates:

  • Tier 1: First 400 kilowatt hours $.080249/kwh (previously $.089204)
  • Tier 2: Next 600 kilowatt hours $.095249/kwh (previously $.104204)
  • Tier 3: Over 1,000 kilowatt hours $.110249/kwh (previously $.119204)

For any questions on these new rates and what this means for your bill, please contact our Member Service Office between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at (928) 763-1100.

What’s Happening

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  • March 16 – Join MEC at the Winter Expo
  • March 17 – Classroom Grants Application Deadline
  • April 28 – MEC Scholarship Application Deadline