How does MEC compare with other electrical utilities for costs and rates?

This past year MEC was ranked 801 of 815, positioning MEC in the top 2% for being the best at holding down operating costs nationwide, and in Arizona MEC ranked the lowest in controllable expense costs to members (11 of 11).

Previously, MEC had the second lowest Customer Charge, and lowest total monthly cost, compared to other member-owned electric providers in Arizona. After the rate case, while the Customer Charge increases, the energy rates decrease, the overall total cost drops, and MEC remains the lowest in the state among member-owned cooperatives.

The average residential member uses 959 kWh of power per month. Previously, with MEC, that cost was $109.63. Under the new rates and changes, it decreases to $106.60.

MEC is member-owned and works diligently to keep costs as low as possible for our members.