Celebrate MEC’s 75th Anniversary

Posted: July 1, 2021 at 7 a.m.

This month, in addition to remembering our country’s Independence Day, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate with members Mohave Electric Cooperative’s (MEC’s) 75th Anniversary!

Mohave Electric was formed on July 3, 1946. Here are a few key milestones in MEC’s history!

  • May 1, 1946—Residents in Kingman met to explore the possibility of bringing affordable electricity to Kingman, Big Sandy Valley, Wikieup and Bullhead City.
  • July 3, 1946—Frontier-spirited, hardworking folks brought as much money as they could spare and borrowed a Rural Electrification Administration loan under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. These members established a board of directors to govern the co-op.
  • January 1, 1947—The first meters were energized and within one year, there were 90 meters on 5 miles of line. The REA grant expanded transmission lines to Topock.
  • 1948—Power contracts were signed to serve members in Peach Springs, Valentine and Hackberry.
  • 1954—478 meters were energized on 275 miles of line.
  • 1956—MEC had six employees housed in Kingman.
  • 1964—First capital credits checks were issued to members.
  • 1969—MEC has 4,006 members and 534 miles of line.
  • 1971—MEC members were increasing and needed more power. MEC joined Arizona Electric Power Cooperative to secure more energy for the growing area.
  • 1972—MEC’s general offices moved to Bullhead City while keeping a Kingman facility. 5,501 members, 27 employees and 609 miles of line.
  • 1974—7,136 members and 663 miles of line.
  • 1979—10,585 members and 10,675 meters.
  • 1980—General & Member Services move to Arena Drive.
  • 1984—12% increase in members served for a total of 15,035. 5,000 new meters since 1980.
  • 1989—Member Service office moves to Hancock Road.
  • 2005—30,929 members with 36,854 meters, 79 employees, and 1,391 miles of line.
  • 2015—32,498 members with 39,762 meters, 77 employees, and 1,521 miles of line.
  • 2019—MEC completes feasibility study for fiber optic broadband to improve electricity service and offer internet service to members. The board of directors voted to proceed.
  • 2020—MEC is first Arizona co-op to secure legislation, ACC approval, and $110 million private financing to bring broadband to each member. Fiber construction begins.
  • July 2021—Just in time for MEC’s 75th anniversary, the co-op has come full circle with the first members connected with broadband service!