One year ago, Mohave Electric launched the Touchstone Energy Co-op Connections Program for its members.  Since that time, members have saved $199,488.55 on 11,210 prescriptions purchased in 2011. The 10 to 60% savings on prescription costs is only one of the many benefits of the program.

Mohave member Ann Eichhorn said, “When I received the card I thought ‘another nothing’.  Boy, how wrong I was!  The savings I received on Wal-Mart Pharmacy purchases were more than I ever imagined.  I have lived here since 1990 and have first-hand seen the advantages of the co-op. My personal ‘thank you’!” 

The Co-op Connections card is a member benefit card that also offers co-op members discounts at over 50 local participating businesses as well as hundreds of businesses online. Discounts are available on products and services including air conditioning service, restaurants, health and wellness facilities, clothing, automobile purchasing and servicing, banking, dog training and more.

Eileen Hanson and her husband went to Ron’s Tire in Fort Mohave for an oil change and tires.  She said the employee that helped her was quick to honor the card and informed her of discounts that she didn’t realize she would receive with the Co-op Connections Card. Hanson said, “We saved about $60 which really helped. We were very pleased with the savings and the service.”

There is no cost for businesses to participate.  “It’s easy to sign up and a great way to encourage people to shop local,” said Lori Fonzi, Public Affairs Specialist. To find a list of offers, go to Mohave Electric’s website at: and click on the Co-op Connections Card.

In addition, the program offers a cash back program for online purchases through the My VIP Savings program as well as access to hundreds of free discount coupons.

The card is free to all Mohave members, doesn’t expire and there are no charges or annual fees. Any member of the family can use the card. 

“Bringing value to our members is the cooperative difference,” Fonzi adds.

January 11, 2012
Together We Save