Mohave Electric Cooperative conducting “opinion counts” phone calls

During the next seven to ten days, some Mohave Electric Cooperative residential members will be receiving a phone call from an independent market research company asking members to participate in a survey.

“If you are called for the survey, we would appreciate your participation,” said Tyler Carlson, Mohave Electric CEO. “We want to know what’s important to you and your input will help us evaluate our service and plan for the future.”

Members were previously notified about the upcoming phone surveys in MEC’s newsletters mailed with electric bills.

The telephone interviews will be made primarily during weeknights from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Weekend calling will be limited to Saturday only, no calls on Sunday.

The research company will identify themselves as Bellomy Research and uses the words “Opinion Counts” as their Caller ID code. Calls originate from area code 336.

Questions will be focused on understanding how electric cooperative members view their electric provider and will help measure different aspects of the cooperative’s service. Information such as your social security number or bank account numbers, will not be asked.

MEC wants members to know that if someone contacts you claiming to be Mohave Electric, or “the electric company,” and you believe the call is a scam, hang up. If you have questions about your Mohave Electric account call us at 928-763-1100 Monday- Friday 8am-5pm.

Members Save More on Energy Costs

Mohave Electric members will  get a bigger break in energy costs beginning with November bills. The Board of Directors approved an additional credit to the Purchase Power Adjustor (PPA) increasing the amount of the credit to 1.40 cents per kWh.

MEC Board President Lyn R. Opalka said, “Mohave Electric’s Board of Directors and management are working hard to manage our wholesale power resources and are also working with Arizona’s Generation and Transmission Cooperatives, our major power and transmission provider, to keep energy costs as affordable as possible for our members. We are experiencing favorable conditions right now, allowing us to pass on the increased savings to members.”

In dollars and cents, a monthly bill for usage of 1200 kWh is now $27.35 less than it was in 2008.

Tyler Carlson, MEC chief executive officer added, “To be able to pass on another reduction in the cost of energy, will help our members in the near term, even as we face an inevitable future of escalating costs for wholesale purchased power with the impact of EPA’s Clean Power Plan and regulation of carbon dioxide emissions.” 

For 24/7 Outage Reporting: 

Call toll free: 1-844- MEC-COOP  (1-844-632-2667) or use SmartHub® online or with the mobile app. Please have your account number available.

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