Are you ready for monsoon season?

June through September is monsoon season in Mohave County. The extreme heat is typical at its onset, followed by an influx of moisture leading to rounds of thunderstorms.  Thunderstorms, lightning and high winds can present an array of hazards including damaged power lines that could result in an outage.  Advance planning can help minimize the risks and safety concerns associated with storms.

All thunderstorms produce lightning and have the potential for danger. Move indoors and stay away from windows after seeing lightning - no place outside is safe from lightning during a thunderstorm. Lightning can strike up to 10 miles away from a storm so if you hear thunder, lightning is close enough to strike you. Unplug your electronics and avoid using electrical items and telephones, which can carry power surges from lightning strikes. Stay away from plumbing fixtures as lightning can travel along metal pipes. Keep a battery-powered TV or radio on hand for weather updates.

Delay outdoor activities - if conditions are right for a thunderstorm, postpone the baseball game and stay inside—it doesn’t have to be raining for lightning to strike. Close windows, window blinds and shades, or curtains. Secure outside doors and items that may be potential hazards in the wind.

If you experience an outage:

·  Have flashlights on hand with fresh spare batteries

·  Turn off all unnecessary power equipment and appliances

·  Keep your refrigerator door closed as much as possible. Food will keep much longer if the doors are closed

·  Check the fuse box or breaker to see if there is a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. 

If you find a problem, contact a qualified electrician for assistance.  If fuses or breakers are OK, call MEC


For 24/7 Outage Reporting: 

Call toll free: 1-844- MEC-COOP  (1-844-632-2667) or use SmartHub® online or with the mobile app. Please have your account number available.

For current outage information, click on the Outage Center tab above for our Interactive Outage Map. 



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