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Capital Credits refunds coming soon!



You may be able to use your refund check to help our schools and community...
and still keep your extra money with a credit on your Arizona State Income Tax.
Visit your school's website or in person for forms and to make a donation.

Click here for more information. 


$1,306,377 in Capital Credits Returned to Members


One of the benefits of being a member of Mohave Electric Cooperative is that you share in any margins that the Cooperative earns. We call your share of the margins “capital credits” because margins originate with what you pay, also called “capital,” to the Cooperative when you buy electricity.

Mohave Electric operates as a not-for-profit corporation and our rates are set to cover the cost of doing business, not to generate a profit. Money received from the sale of electricity to members is used to pay operating expenses, make payments on any loans, and provide an emergency reserve. Any amount remaining is called margins, which is allocated to a capital credit account for every member based on the amount of electricity purchased. Capital credits reduce the need for borrowed funds and the payment of interest expense.

If the Co-op has a positive margin and meets our lenders’ requirements, the Board of Directors may vote, once a year, to retire, or pay out, a portion of available capital credits to members, but only if doing so will not harm the Cooperative financially.

Mohave’s member-elected Board of Directors authorized a capital credits retirement of $1,306,377. This amount includes all capital credits 1983, and a portion of 1984 and 2015, as well as Arizona G&T Cooperative capital credits for a portion of 2000.

Capital credits checks will be mailed in May. Active Mohave Electric members who had active service during any of those years received a bill credit for capital credits amounts less than $5.

Click here for more information in our capital credits brochure or call (928) 763-4115 and select option 4.

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