Our mailing address for PAYMENTS has changed

If you pay your Mohave Electric bill through your bank’s online bill pay, you will need to contact your bank to update the address for Mohave Electric.

The new address is:

Mohave Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Payment Processing Center
MSC #050
PO Box 29072
Phoenix, AZ 85038-9072

No action on your part is needed if you pay using SmartHub ® or by mail using the envelope and stub provided with your Mohave Electric bill.
Only the payment address has changed. Our general mail address has not changed.

Renewable Energy Surcharge Reduced

A new lower renewable energy surcharge went into effect on January bills. Residential members will see a reduction in the REST surcharge from a maximum of $3.10 per month to $1.05. Commercial members will see savings with the monthly charge going from a maximum of $49 to $16.50. 

The surcharge is mandated by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) and was approved by Commissioners in December along with Mohave’s renewable energy plan for 2015.

Mohave’s renewable energy plan is submitted to the ACC each year. The plan outlines MEC’s program to meet renewable energy goals. Programs include incentives for residential and small commercial solar, wind, and solar water heating installations, as well as Mohave’s solar initiative for schools, fire stations, government buildings and non-profit facilities. Also included in the plan is a voluntary renewable energy program where members can purchase “green energy.” Development of a 5 Megawatt utility-scale solar farm is underway and is expected to be completed in 2015.

Incentives for residential and small commercial photovoltaic and wind systems are 20 cents per watt, up to a maximum system size of 50 kW. The incentive cap is $3,000 for residential and $5,000 for small commercial.

More information click on Energy Solutions, then SunWatts, or call our Energy Management Specialist at 928.763.1100.

The REST surcharge on member bills funds the approved renewable energy programs which are intended to stimulate the renewable energy industry so that is may be cost effective to the point of standing on its own without subsidies.

Did you know... electric space heaters drive up your bill?

Winter is here, with all of its cold and blustery weather.  Time to break out the trusty old electric space heaters, right?

Wait!  Consider the effect on your electricity bill?  Let's do a little math.

A typical electric space heater is rated at 1,500 watts.  Use it for one hour and it will cost about 25 cents.  Use it for eight hours and that is $2.  But used for 24 hours a day for a month, this little energy guzzler will add to $180 to your bill. 

Heaters can keep you warm, but you may get steamed over your bill.  Consider weather stripping, caulking and extra insulation to help hold in the heat and keep winter outside. 




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