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To commemorate our landmark accomplishment, Mohave Electric hosted a “Co-op Connections Business Expo” on Friday, April 18th at the Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce. To read more, go to News and Events on the upper left side of the page. 



Capital credit phone scam – be aware

Mohave Electric Cooperative wants you be aware of ongoing phone scams where callers falsely claim to represent Mohave Electric.

We’ve heard about this scam from an electric co-op in Illinois, and although we have not heard of it happening locally we want you to be aware.

These potential identify thieves are asking for your personal information so they can “send you a capital credit refund check.”

In this case, they called members in Illinois offering to replace a capital credit check by asking for their personal bank account information. 

Please be aware that Mohave Electric will never ask for your personal bank information over the phone, unless you initiate the phone call yourself and only to our office, or through Mohave’s own secure billing system.

If you are not sure if the call is legitimate, hang up and call Mohave Electric at 928-763-1100 to verify.

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