New refrigerator/freezer recycling rebate program

Mohave Electric members may receive a $35 rebate for recycling their old refrigerator(s)/freezer(s) including FREEremoval, with our new Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling Rebate Program. Our partnership with JACO Environmental, an appliance recycler, offers members an effective way to responsibly recycle old refrigerator(s)/freezer(s). Recycling lowers utility bills, improves energy conservation, and provides a safer environment.

Recycling your old refrigerator or freezer is one of the most effective ways for your household to conserve energy and to help the environment.

· If you have two refrigerators, they can account for a significantly large portion of your energy consumptionoutside of your heating and air conditioning.

· Older refrigerators and freezers can use up to four times more energy than newer energy-efficient Energy Star® models.

· Often second refrigerators are used infrequently or when used year round are not kept full, making them even less efficient.

· Energy is costly to produce and in high demand. Higher energy needs require increased energy production, which increases costs for everyone.

Appliance recycling saves energy in several ways:  recycling of raw materials recovered from the appliances, removing older appliances and replacing them with more energy-efficient models, and through the use of refrigerants that are environmentally friendly. 

For information on eligibility and program requirements click on Energy Solutions then Refrigerator/freezer recycling rebate program.




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